Ruby Throated Hummingbird in flight.
Great Blue Heron catches giant bull frog. After a long and brutal struggle the frog managed to slip away to live another day. © Chuck Eckert 2015 All rights reserved.
Male Wood Duck. These ducks are extremely elusive. I finally captured this guy from behind my blind at around 50 feet away.
35 East Wacker Dr., Chicago is one of my favorite landmarks.

Another top 500 from Alamy

Another top 500 contributor.

Great Blue Heron under attack.


Baby Foxes are called "kits"

Kits (Baby Fox) across the canal from my dock.

I think they were looking at a bull frog and deciding whether or not to eat it.

Alamy Stock Agency Top 500 Contributor. Second quarter in a row.

Top 500 Conrtibutor out of 30,000 photographers.

Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Lake Superior "Vastness"
Sales at Alamy continue to improve and I've made the top 500 photogs out of roughly 30,000 contributors.

Mute Swan by Marsh.

His mate was busy nesting so in his spare time, he granted me a pose.

Sandhill Crane Stretching.

After a long time photographing these birds, they finally got "used" to me and I was able to get fairly close to them. / Barrington Hills, Illinois, USA.

Red-tail Hawk

I knew that at any moment this raptor would "launch". This time I was ready.

Mute Swan

This bad boy and his partner ran away from their domestic home pond and settled in this nearby woodlands. The owner told me he would have to hire a "swan wrangler" to drive them back home.

Japanese Beetles in detail

Nikkor 55mm f/2.8 Micro

Golf North America

I had to glue the tee to the golf ball and photograph it on it's side. The space image was imported and then wrapped around the ball.

Pink Cadillac

Elvis Lives

Sears (Willis) Tower in Chicago

Currently both the tallest building in Chicago and the entire United States.

Trump Tower in Chicago

Currently the 3rd tallest building in Chicago at 92 stories.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

Resting on Purple Cone Flower

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Harley Davidson Museum. You don't have to even like motorcycles to enjoy this museum.

Harley Davidson Museum

Oldest Harley named "Number One"


Hilltop Catholic Cemetery

Illinois Energy Corridor HDR

Barrington Hills, Illinois. High Dynamic Range Image.

Vintage truck driving an Illinois Autumn Road.

HDR Image of Barrington Hills, Illinois, USA.

American Hot Rod

Flames on purple at small town American car show.

Chicago Bar

P.J. Clarkes Restaurant & Bar on Chicago's North side.